Friday, 3 April 2009


 Lt. Col. J.M. Wikeley                                        ( Book: Punjabi Musalmans)

"Male population.— 25,300. (Census 1838). The Sudhanoti tehsil of Poonch is the home of the Sudhans, but they spread also into the Havali, Bagh and Kotli tehsils and a few even are to be met with across the Jhelum in the Kahuta tehsil of Rawalpindi………The Sudhans are the most important tribe of Poonch."

"The Sudhans have pride of race and look on themselves as superior to any of the other tribes of Poonch Kashmir".


Major G. Carmichael Smyth                             (Book: A History of the Reigning Family of Lahore)

"About the year 1832, several independent hill-tribes inhabiting the north western regions of the Punjaub  were reduced into subjection to the Lahore state. These were the Doondh, Soodhun (Sudhun), Suthee, and Murdiall tribes… The Soodhun tribe inhabited a large tract on the eastern bank of the same river opposite the country of the Doondhs, and numbered about forty thousand souls. "


Cheema said...

Salaam bhai!
Cheema here.
Its a nice blog. Good work done. Its a nice effort and especially the photos at PANORAMIO are beautiful.
Koi parhai likhai bhee shuroo hai ya thak gaya hai parh parh ke!!!
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Love you. I am proceeding on a weekend for some important and unavoidable work. I will be back on Monday and I need a sitting with you on Tuesday for some guidelines. Please keep some time for me then.

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Shafaq Irshad said...

Quotes as seem to be from the books refered above are worth reading to find the story regarding SUDHAN tribe as very less is available on the WEB. I hope more is following so that the readers get a better picture of what is so special about the SUDHANS. Wish you luck and waiting for more...

SUDHAN said...

Dear Cheema. I liked your comments and am trying to create a Blog which should help the followers as well as those who want to know about this wonderful tribe. SUDHAN.
I Love your blog also and you have a nice collection too.
Allah Hafiz

SUDHAN said...

Dear Shafaq. I have uploaded the comments which I found in some books and I want it to be authentic. I do not want to upload any information which is not authentic. More will be coming on this Blog. Follow and be happy to find a good collection of information.

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