Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Kashmir Race

A race is being conducted at Panthal, Sudhnutti, Azad Kashmir. The date tentatively be 31 May 2009. 
Forms for registration will be available at United Medical Store, Main Bazar Pallandri. Registration will be for 200Rs.

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Raja Sadiu and his brother Raja Dhiyan Diyou ruled Kashmir from 1327 till 1344.


SADR UD DIN alias RANCHAN SHAH ruled Kashmir from 1325 to 1327AD. He was the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir. He accepted Islam at the hands of Syed Abdur Rahman known as Hazrat Bulbul Shah.


A Fort around 12Miles from Pallandri(Sudhnutti) City. More information on this fort and pictures available at the link mentioned. Do visit for more.



Friday, 10 April 2009


This is the picture of Pallandri Bawli and many many more are available on Aamer's Travellers Blog. Link is as follows
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BANSI FAMILY ( Karkot Go't) - 617 to 872 AD
This family ruled Kashmir  for almost two and a half centuries. They had their capital at MANDI (East of Poonch City, Presently in occupied Kashmir). They were enemies of Kashmiri Rajas and Loharan Dynesty. Their fort at Loharkot was so strong that even Sultan Mehmood Ghazanavi couldn't capture it. 


Area: 1627 Sq Miles
Population: 400,000  Cencus 1932AD. . . . . .
Population Ratio: Muslims-96%, Hindu-3%, Others-1%)

Thursday, 9 April 2009


It is neither a joke nor it is a fake story. Nothing else but truth. Every year a DONKEY RACE is organised at OARA in Sudhnutti District. This year it was conducted almost two months ago. It was conducted on the route from Oara to Goth Village. Many even outside the district brought their donkeys to participate. A small but not very small prize was kept for the winner. This small activity was held in a very sobre manner. Many young and old from almost all walks of life came down to the village to watch. It was quite interesting to see donkeys racing on a hill track which is not a usual scene to watch, at least in this part of the town.

At the end of this race a new precedence was made. Dr Sardar Muhammad Haleem Khan, resident of Goth(Sudhnutti) announced that we will conduct a Human Race in the month of June this year. Therefore a RACE is planned in the month of June for which sponsers and media coverage is already arranged. People who want to participate are already preparing for this unique oppertunity. For this a registration fee has already been announced and a prize(CASH) will be given to the winner. Lets see now who wins this race.


A blog for the above name had been created for the people who care about this organisation. It is quite useful and will help you to understand the role of this organisation which was created back in 1935 to educate the Sudhan Tribe in specific and Kashmiris in general. I hope it has served some of its goal, if we look around us and the number of people learned at that time and now. A link to SEC is as fol:-


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Friday, 3 April 2009


 Lt. Col. J.M. Wikeley                                        ( Book: Punjabi Musalmans)

"Male population.— 25,300. (Census 1838). The Sudhanoti tehsil of Poonch is the home of the Sudhans, but they spread also into the Havali, Bagh and Kotli tehsils and a few even are to be met with across the Jhelum in the Kahuta tehsil of Rawalpindi………The Sudhans are the most important tribe of Poonch."

"The Sudhans have pride of race and look on themselves as superior to any of the other tribes of Poonch Kashmir".


Major G. Carmichael Smyth                             (Book: A History of the Reigning Family of Lahore)

"About the year 1832, several independent hill-tribes inhabiting the north western regions of the Punjaub  were reduced into subjection to the Lahore state. These were the Doondh, Soodhun (Sudhun), Suthee, and Murdiall tribes… The Soodhun tribe inhabited a large tract on the eastern bank of the same river opposite the country of the Doondhs, and numbered about forty thousand souls. "


A shajrah related to the Sudhan Tribe and specially ANYALs is available at 

This is ever growing and has a lot of information like pic etc and is still growing. It also includes the living people. 
Sudhans also known as Sudozais came to Kashmir(Poonch) though Dera Ismail Khan with their elder Nawab Jassy Khan, who is burried at Jassa Pir Hill Top looking over Mang(tehsil of Rawalakot). Sudhans after that time settled in this area and are still dwelling in almost all districts of Azad Kashmir. They are a martial race and had been part of military ever since. The current Prime Minister of Kashmir: Sardar Yaqub Khan is also from the same Tribe (SUDHAN).