Sunday, 3 April 2011

Goth Race

Now the Kashmir Race has been named as Goth Race. The previous posts of Kashmir Race are therefore to be taken as Goth Race. This is a race which starts from Aora and finishes at the beautiful Village of Goth. The participants are allowed to run on the road which winds through the hills and presents a scenic view to them. The weather is quite moderate and therefore is good for such kind of sports.
For the last few years, this race has become a regular feature yearly at the Village of Goth and surrounding. It is one of the very few events which include physical exertion. There are no such facilities in these areas for such sports. Therefore it is a very good activity specially in this area.
The main organizers include Dr. Sardar Muhammad Haleem Khan. He has been organizing this race for the last few years and hope that this race is sponsored and gets even more popular.
You can follow the race with the events and the pictures available on this blog. I would like to upload the latest with the pictures and results.